Research projects and results

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Articles by CTEQ-TEA authors

Representative publications of our research group and its collaborators listed in the INSPIRE-HEP database

CTEQ-TEA parton distribution functions

CTEQ-TEA (CT) parametrizations of parton distribution functions in the nucleon

Fast examination of data constraints on PDFs

L2explorer estimates experimental constraints on PDFs from the LHAPDF library using L2 sensitivities

Fast updating of Hessian PDFs

The ePump program is designed to update a set of Hessian PDFs and PDF-dependent observables

The Simplified ACOT scheme with Massive Phase Space

Results in the general-mass scheme S-ACOT-MPS for processes with massive quarks at hadron colliders

META parton distributions

A technique for combination of published ensembles of error PDF sets